ReFresh handwash station

ReFresh handwash station -

  • Innovative modular 8-bay handwash station
  • Very small footprint needed
  • Easy to set up, break down and transport
  • Suitable for all events
  • Can be connected to other ReFresh units in a row

Urinal unit events UReo

Urinal unit events UReo -

  • Innovative, modular, 8-bay urinal for (large) events
  • Sustainable: no water needed
  • Very small footprint
  • Easy setup, easily connectable to other UReo units and easy cleaning
  • Can be combined with toilet units, ReFresh hand wash stations and showers (total sanitation solution)

Wash station type 4200

Wash station type 4200 -

  • Developed for large events 
  • Can be deployed in open air, marquees and buildings
  • can be combined with showers (ReBoost and Shower 4500)

Urinal events type 7000 P

Urinal events type 7000 P -

  • Modular urinal, accessible on both sides
  • High capacity, small footprint
  • Can be deployed in every configuration
  • Combination  with other products possible )showers, toilets, hand wash stations'
  • Quick and easy setup and connection
  • Easy to clean

Unit type 5000 (storage-office)

Unit type 5000 (storage-office) -

  • Multiple storage and office units available
  • Multiple formats possible
  • Separate toilet possible

Unit Bathroom Combi

Unit Bathroom Combi -

  • Small standalone bathroom with 1 toilet, 1 sink and 1 shower
  • Very limited availability
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